2020 Was The Time To Start. 2021 Is The Time To Get Smart

2020 Was The Time To Start. 2021 Is The Time To Get Smart

2020 Was The Time To Start. 2021 Is The Time To Get Smart

2019 passed with all eyes focused on online trading for 2020. 2020 was set to be a historic year for financial markets with looming US presidential elections, and the world-renowned Brexit taking center stage. 2020 was set to be the year to get started on online trading, or at least flourish if already in the online trading game. Online trading was set to see a hustle and bustle never before witnessed. Online traders were set to trade 24-hours a day, five days a week. The trading market would see record buying and selling of stocks and shares from the largest stock exchanges in the world.

Yes, 2020 created opportunities to start. And when COVID-19 hit, the world the stage was set for ordinary People to identify opportunities to earn.

Now, 2021 is the time for online trading to get smart. Whether new to online trading or well versed within it, online traders will have to trade smart, not hard.

So, how do new or experienced traders trade smart, given what happened in 2020? How can they capitalize on the past and use what they know in the present to make the most of the future – 2021? Broking firm, TenXTrade (PTY) Ltd, gives online traders a head start or should we say get a ‘head smart.’

In the online trading game, applied knowledge is power. Gaining knowledge and trade secrets always allows one rather to trade smart and strategically, avoiding long hours and hard work.

With intel and exclusive knowledge gained, smart trading can commence on recommended stock exchanges, rather than all of them. 24 hour/five days per week schedules are replaced with optimized schedules. Partnering with regulated expert Traders allows online traders to know which trading strategies are winning, which commodity markets are best to trade within, which financial markets must be focused on, and so on. Forex, commodity, and stock trading is not about risk or gambling – that goes hand in hand with hard work.

Taking risky chances in the form of hard work is not smart. Trading needs to be smart, and to be smart you not only need to be educated on smart trade but also make smart moves according to trends. Integrating 2021 trends will do well for online traders looking to benefit from smart trading. And what better time to start smart than with 2020 coming to an end. And the new trading year just around the corner.

Through providing awareness of upcoming trading trends, TenXTrade further bolsters this head start to trade smart. However, we must note that if 2020 taught us anything, purely basing your trading moves on predicting the future is a risky game. Yes, the trading market is impossible to predict, but incorporated in a wider vision and trading game plan will ensure such risk are manageable. Awareness of predicted trends combined with well-established principles; long-term investments is the smartest move. However, it is impossible to ignore trends and prepare for the effect these trends may bring to the online market and trading investments in 2021.
2020 Was The Time To Start. 2021 Is The Time To Get Smart

So, let us start smart and take notice of the following trends predicted by Forbes:

1. January will be dominated by news of the incoming Biden administration. While Wall Street initially seemed to hope for a blue wave. The market’s recent performance seems to show it also likes gridlock, meaning the markets will probably react favorably.

2. The beginning of the end of Covid-19 markets will see Congress pass additional stimulus to provide a lifeline for small businesses and consumers until vaccines really start to slow the spread of the virus. How quickly the pandemic fades will have enormous macroeconomic impacts, and these will hit all investment sectors.

3. The Covid-19 vaccine is set to boost pharmaceutical stocks while a pent-up demand for travel stocks will come into the spotlight. This pent-up demand for travel could drive a gold rush for long-punished airline stocks, hotels, and even cruise lines.

4. A deeper hunger for restaurant stocks will emerge as restaurants return to normality.

5. Growth in the work from home sector and stocks should be approached with caution. As the growth in this particular sector is likely to start in a new phase.

6. Tech stocks are set to slow down with a surge in high-risk/high-reward tech investment to be followed by a rush to utility stocks. It is highly likely that investors will rotate into different sectors in 2021.

All in all, 2021 is the time to be smart. Smart trading is about partnering with beneficial companies, continuing online education, not over-focusing on the short term, avoiding reacting from marketing highs and lows as well as unpredictability, remaining adaptable, being aware of global trade trends but placing smart moves on knowledge and skills and focusing on more fixed-income investments. To be smart is to handle volatility with a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds that are customized to goal timeline and risk tolerance. For smart Forex, Commodity, and Stock trading in 2021, contact us at https://tenxtrade.com/.

Moderator: Tafara Tsoka (MiFM, MinstD)

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